Big Smile

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I want to make a big smile collection! These smiles are get from internet and they are not mine. I hope the man, who has great smile, allow me do it.
So nice! Small smile and big happiness!

The great smile of Hayden Panettiere! The smile make me smile!

Michael Jackson's smile. the warm smile!

Oh, so nice! I don't know who are you but I like you and your smile!

I don't see her smile by my eyes, I feel it from her eyes, the big smile!
I have not got enough words to describe the smile! Do you remember the little girl in "Den Lille Pige Med Svovlstikkerne" story? I sure if any one give her a smile as this smile at Christmas, the story would have nice ending!
Do you see any smile, don't you? I don't see any smile in picture but I see a big smile in my mind! I think in your mind is too!
Do you smile? ----- If don't, please give me your smile before leave this page!
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